Skunk baby season is upon us!

Lets go over a few misconceptions regarding nuisance skunks.

Can baby skunks spray?

Absolutely! Baby skunks actually spay with much less provocation and they also have no control like adults, often letting it all go.

How do you get rid of skunk odor, tomato juic...

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How far can skunks spray? Muscles located next to the scent glands allow them to spray with a high degree of accuracy, as far as 10 ft. The smell aside, the spray can cause irritation and even temporary blindness, and is sufficiently powerful to be detected by a human nose up to 3.5 miles down wi...

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What should you do if you come across a skunk? Keep a close eye on your pets to make sure they don't approach a skunk. A skunk that is startled or afraid will signal that it plans to spray by raising its tail, standing on its hind legs, and stomping its feet on the ground. If you see a skunk disp...

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Why are skunks digging up my lawn? Skunks dig up the turf looking for grubs. They move around at night and dig in grassy areas, making distinct 3– to 4–inch deep holes.

Need assistance eliminating skunks from your Stoop? Contact us today for experienced help with your pest animal problem. Naper...

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Skunks under stoops can be a complete nightmare. Did you know skunk odor can penetrate concrete and reactivite with temperature changes or humidity? Let us help you get rid of those skunks before a lasting problem sets in.

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Like any unwanted animal, skunks create damage both during entry and after they’ve entered a home. When skunks dig under a stoop, the stoop will frequently begin to crack and collapse. This crumbling concrete is not only a fall hazard, but can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Because of their...

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As with many other nuisance animals, the best solution to skunk problems beneath buildings is to screen or block them out. Such exclusion is essential for all entrances or openings in the foundations of homes and outbuildings. Spaces beneath porches, stairs, and mobile homes should be closed off ...

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Removing skunk spray can be tricky. Many ol' wives tales online will advise to use tomato juice, however there are 3 molecules that need to each be broken down to remove the odor. Tomato juice is not the solution to breaking these down. The best remedy to get rid of skunk odor is 1 quart of 3 per...

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Skunk Trapping and Exclusion Services

Do skunks harm people or property?

While skunks are an important source of insect control, most human and skunk interactions are negative. Skunks carry various diseases harmful to both humans and domesticated animals, such as rabies, tularemia, and distemper. Additionally, they can host disease-causing parasites such as fleas, mites, ticks, and tapeworms. 

Damage To Lawns

Skunk digging habits damage lawns, gardens, and golf courses. When threatened or cornered, skunks can shoot their defensive spray up to twenty feet. This mode of defense has been known to cause nausea and even intense pain, especially when shot directly in the eyes.

Skunk Trapping Service Costs

Most skunk trapping services in Naperville involve trapping and removing the animals with ground-level cage traps, which isn't as complex as working on critters in buildings. This ground trapping process takes a few service visits, plus removal trips, if necessary, or euthanizing fees. The cost of skunk trapping isn't too high, usually $150 on up.

Skunk Spray

Skunks are notorious for their anal scent glands, which they can use as a defensive weapon. ... These glands produce the skunk's spray, which is a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals such as thiols (traditionally called mercaptans), which have an offensive odor. Once a skunk sprays, your house can be a nightmare. 

Do You Need Skunk Control Services?

The idea of controlling skunks seems an unpleasant one to most people. The thought of getting sprayed alone is enough to call a skunk professional for skunk control services. The truth is that it takes an expert with years of experience who knows how to control skunks to limit the amount of skunk damage these animals can do. Controlling skunk problems is something we pride ourselves on here at Naperville Skunk Stoppers.

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